Tytuł: "
Beati" w serii Chorus XXI
Helbling Verlagsgesellshaft mbH
Data i miejsce wydania: grudzień 2012, Innsbruck


Beati misericordes is a 12-part a cappella work for mixed choir. Composed in 2012, this choral piece combines traditional metrical notation with aleatoric technique. The texture draws from polychoral practice of the Renaissance. This style is also reflected in melismatic ornamentation, numerous rhetorical elements and the quasi-responsorial form which is based on the refrain theme. This choral piece was awarded the first prize at the EACC 2012 International Composition Award in Graz (Austria).

Festiwal Muzyki w Willi Blumwego

Koncerty w studiu koncertowym im. Jeremiego Przybory Polskiego Radia PIK w Bydgoszczy